Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Empty Nesters spend hard.
After Kids Fly The Coop, Parents Spread Their Spending Wings -- When their kids leave home and stop sucking them dry, parents start socking away more for retirement, right? That's one of two big assumptions made by those who argue that the baby boomers aren't as financially unprepared for retirement as some numbers suggest they are. (The other somewhat questionable assumption is that retirees will be willing to spend a good chunk of their now shrunken housing equity, either through downsizing or reverse mortgages.)

Rolls-Royce wins $1.8bn contract from Air China -- Earlier this month Rolls, hit by safety concerns after one of its engines exploded in mid-air, won a $1.2bn contract from China Eastern Airlines.

Blonde on blonde.
For Russia's Poor, Blond Hair Is Snippet of Gold -- Buyers of human hair, most of them small-scale Russian and Ukrainian itinerant operators who sell to hair processors like Mr. Kuznetsov, flock to poor regions like this. Cash in hand, they pay small sums for a head's worth of tresses sheared from women who often have few economic alternatives.

It's "Black Friday" Week!!
Even Before Friday, Retail Deals Will Go Online -- A few years ago, Thanksgiving was not even considered a shopping day, as most stores are closed. But this year, retailers are driving customers to the Web with more specials than ever -- door busters without the door -- creating an online jump-start to the traditional Black Friday rush.

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