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Comparative literature.
Megamind:Who are the HEROES and the SUPER-VILLAINS of the Trade and Currency War? -- In the DreamWorks animated hit film, "Megamind", the self proclaimed "most brilliant super-villain the world has ever known", was unfortunately for him, also the least successful. He regularly tried to conquer Metro City in every conceivable way, only to be defeated by his nemesis superhero "Metro Man". In early November's coverage of the G20 meeting in Seoul South Korea, the "group of 20 nations" converged for their biannual summit, designed to strengthen macro policy co-ordination, consolidate global economic recovery and promote strong, sustainable balanced growth -- or at least that's what they say they are meeting for. In reality, they are meeting to determine who the super-villain is and who the hero is...

Green green green.
Comparing U.S. and U.K. Government Approaches to Green Procurement & Supply Chain Management- Which is Better? -- Both governments have been progressively stepping up efforts to engage federal contractors and vendors to support government green spending efforts, but by different approaches. First let's start stateside.

More top ten lists!
The Top 11 Positive Supply Chain Value Creation Opportunities for 2011 -- The increased complexity of today's supply chains highlights the impacts that these operations can have on shareholder value -- positive or negative. So, I present my "Top 11 Positive Supply Chain Value Creation Opportunities for 2011." It would be easier to write a book than 11 brief summaries on these topics, but I feel that just the key points will be of more value to you. Here is my Top 11.

Cloudy cloudy cloudy.
Agencies to look for a 'cloud option' -- The federal government is adopting a "cloud-first" policy, marking the administration's strongest statement yet in support of Web-based computing as it looks to overhaul the way it buys information technology.

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