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North Korea and their show of force.
A Nettlesome Neighbor for China -- Despite its impoverishment and heavy dependence on Chinese aid and support, North Korea seems to take a perverse pleasure in defying every Chinese diplomatic initiative, from efforts to keep the Korean peninsula nuclear free to avoiding violent confrontation.

Where are you going for the holidays?
Best And Worst Airlines For Holiday Travel -- The most punctual carriers come in on-schedule upward of 80% of the time; with the worst, your chances are just 50-50.

Groupon (my new obsession) has competition (potentially my new new obsession).
WePay Launches GroupOn Competitor -- WePay, a web service most quickly described as a PayPal for group payments, has been quietly testing out a new group-buying product for merchants called "GoingAsAGroup." It's a similar idea to GroupOn -- if enough people sign up to buy a widget, everyone gets it at a discounted price -- with a key difference: consumers themselves get the groups of their friends together.

From across the pond...should we think the same here in the US?
Buyers say privatising Royal Mail would benefit procurement -- Some 59 per cent of procurement professionals think buyers would benefit from a privatised Royal Mail. The poll also showed 41 per cent of poll respondents believe buyers would lose out. The Postal Services Bill, introduced into the House of Commons in October 2010, will pave the way for Royal Mail's privatisation. Business secretary Vince Cable said the private sector can own up to 90 per cent of Royal Mail. The government says it needs outside investment and expertise.

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