Spend Matters UK/Europe Weekly Round-Up

Jason does a guest post on P2P on two continents. Interesting read on how things used to be, and what they're coming to now in the EIPP world. Plus, there's an upcoming sequal!

In Scandanavian news, Peter talks with a Finnish company called Sievo and their unique offering in "Procurement Performance Management."

As obsessed with the impending Royal Wedding as I am, I was very happy to see a post taking a procurement angle: Invitation to Tender: Royal Wedding Services. Very, very serious read.

Does transparency into government spending actually tell us anything? -- What with the spending cuts in the UK, how valuable is the information given, and how do we make sense of it?

Peter shares an anecdote from when he was a Procurement Director for NatWest: Dear supplier, please give us some money. Love, the Procurement Director

Sheena Moore

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