Spend Matters Best of Thanksgiving (Part 1)

Happy Black Friday! Hopefully none of you were trampled at Walmart or Best Buy in the wee hours of the morning in an attempt to take advantage of the deals, and now you're all cozied up at home with football and leftovers. Though the holiday was yesterday, here's a roundup of some of Spend Matters' best posts about turkey, stuffing, and spend management.

Spend Management on Turkey Day -- A Few Time and $$ Saving Tips -- Since this is Thanksgiving week, I'd like to share some thoughts on frugality when it comes to preparing the holiday meal -- a total cost perspective if you will. Saving money and finding the best buys are on everyone's mind these days. But before you slash the cost of Thanksgiving dinner to the bone, consider the big picture -- including a happy festive time with friends and family that occurs far too infrequently for most of us.

Spend Management: Thanksgiving Style -- Smart Money recently ran a great comparison of the costs of an organic/non-organic Thanksgiving. Too bad they also did not give us the Fair Trade options as well. Still, from a sourcing perspective, the findings are fascinating indeed, especially considering that they found an organic bird costs roughly 5x what a regular one does. But overall, how do the costs stack up?

Thanksgiving Wishes: Peace, Graciousness, and a Cheap but Good Thanksgiving Turkey -- Thanksgiving, when celebrated properly, is an excellent metaphor for a well-managed and executed procurement and supplier management function. Perhaps the best illustration linking the two concepts together is turkey. Now, being the gourmet urban dweller I am, I've sourced Turkeys for as much as 4.59 bucks per pound from local free range, organic purveyors at the farmer's market. But trust me -- it's a complete waste when it comes to taste and overall guest for satisfaction. You can serve a much better turkey by buying a pre-frozen one that's already been injected with a brining solution -- saving you the brining process time, a critical step -- for 50% or less than the cost of a yuppie bird. And you'll feel all the better for it, getting a better result while saving your hard-earned dollars (or spending the difference on a donation to a local soup kitchen).

Sheena Moore

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