Spend Matters Best of Thanksgiving (Part 2)

Continuing our earlier post, here are some more Thanksgiving greats from Spend Matters' history.

Nate is continually great! I'm Thankful for Those Gifted in the Visual Display of Quantitative Information -- This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful to have known for the past five years, one of the most gifted graphic artists and designers on the planet, Nate Burgos. In addition to being a consultant by day, Nate is host to the Design Feast site at night. Some of my clients have been fortunate enough to see Nate's handiwork upfront, especially when it comes to the visualization of numbers.

A Time for Giving Thanks -- a Thanksgiving guest post from Bart Richards at The Claro Group, on what he is thankful for.

Giving Thanks for a Free State Dinner -- Thanksgiving and politics, Jason Busch style!

Happy long weekend everybody, and we'll return to regular scheduled programming on Monday.

Sheena Moore

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