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How effective ARE unemployment benefits?
With Unemployment Benefits, It's the Invisible That Truly Matters -- With a vote on unemployment-benefit renewal set to come before Congress yet again, a great deal of discussion about its impact is to be expected. If so, it should be hoped that this time around the less visible effects of jobless benefits can be considered.

Uh oh.
How Korean Tensions Can Hurt Tech -- The political tensions on the Korean peninsula should be sending shivers through the tech industry, as well as almost every company that uses technology. That applies for corporations, consumers, and the companies that package and sell this equipment to both of them.

Job market better for new grads, or stagnant?
Employers Still Uncertain On Hiring New Graduates -- Thirty-six percent of companies that hired new graduates last year are either uncertain that they will hire or won't hire this year, according to a survey by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University. Among employers who didn't hire new graduates last year, 76% said they won't hire or aren't sure.

The rise of an empire.
How Did We Get From Mao to Now? -- Designed to explore the question "Why did China boom?" by recording the collective wisdom of the moment, this archival tour de force presents a mosaic of diverse perspectives from business titans, academic heavies, government wonks, respected journalists, controversial artists, a heavy metal rockstar, even a migrant worker.

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