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More in crowdsourcing.
Citizens Market Uses Crowdsourcing To Help Shoppers Find Responsible Companies -- The sluggish pace of our economic recovery is not holding back social entrepreneurs: a passionate and dedicated group of leaders armed with an understanding of the imperative for better business practices. "Social entrepreneurs" are change agents for societies, creating new solutions to problems and implementing them across sectors and industries.

Privacy in the most public of spaces?
Hiding Online Footprints -- The makers of the popular Firefox Web browser are exploring ways to create a do-not-track mechanism that could offer Internet users a way to avoid being monitored online.

What will the water be called now??
Fiji Water to Leave Fiji -- If you bottle the water outside of Fiji, is it still Fiji Water? While we Westerners think of Fiji as an idyllic tropical destination with pristine beaches and turquoise waters, the real story of the remote South Pacific island is a much different reality. As TIME reported in September, the tiny island has been under military rule since a coup in 2006, its press is muzzled and it's economy has declined due in part to sanctions imposed by the European Union and its neighbors, Australia and New Zealand.

Metal Man gets through TSA on the regular.
Testing the TSA with Titanium Man -- I have been covertly testing airport security since early 2002. I file no reports and the only notes I take are mental. I am the person that knows when the airport has security holes and still boards the plane. I am titanium man.

Sheena Moore

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