Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

It's a little more difficult with Spend Matters-ing 🙁
For Start-Ups, the Ultimate Goal: Becoming a Verb -- When starting a new Web site or Internet service, most technologists are aiming to sell to a larger company or gain hundreds of millions of users. But for some there is an even bigger glory than cash: their company name becomes a verb.

Yet MORE Spend Management corruption in Illinois.
Stroger spent $79,000 on zoo party for flood victims -- Cook County Board President Todd Stroger's administration treated families whose homes were damaged by floods to a nearly $79,000 party at Brookfield Zoo, paying for the day of fun with federal grant money meant to restore those homes, newly-released county documents show.

Why do we trust things we may not understand?
The Algorithm + the Crowd are Not Enough -- A really interesting little article on how certain sites use our data plus algorithms to predict what we'll like and what to recommend. Why do we trust this process?

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