Spend Matters UK/Europe Weekly Round-Up

How do you use google in procurement? Chances are, a lot. Google to be investigated by the EU – does it matter for procurement users? -- I suspect many, many organisations and individuals use Google as a supply-chain and procurement tool – for seeking new sources of supply, learning more about potential or existing suppliers or indeed about products or markets; and checking suppliers out in a 'quick and dirty' risk management fashion.

In hilarity: The (Sourcerer's) Apprentice and the "procurement"(sort of) task -- Apologies to our non UK readers to whom this may not resonate....! The Apprentice is a competition where ambitious young 'business people' compete for a job with Lord Alan Sugar. Each week one is eliminated after the two teams carry out a business task. This week was a 'buying' task where the two teams (3 boys versus 4 girls) had to buy 10 products in a day at the best possible price. So a test of planning, some basic procurement skills and, probably most importantly, negotiating/bargaining skills.

Gender issues!!! Should you include your photograph on your cv? -- according to the article, "If you're a good looking man, include a photo. This increases your chances of interview. If you're a normal / 'plain' bloke, don't." BUT! But if you're a good looking woman, your chances are less if you include a picture! Women should not include a picture whatever their looks.

A new era of student radicalism and its consequences for procurement -- In France, we saws students playing a large part in the recent demonstrations against Government policies such as the increase in the pensionable age. In the UK, to pretty much everyone's surprise, including initially the police, students and even school kids have been protesting, violently at times, against the university fee proposals.

Sheena Moore

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