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Download the latest MFGWatch Survey Results.
MFGWatch Quarterly Survey of North American Manufacturers -- MFG.com has conducted the latest MFGWatch survey of North American manufacturers. The survey focused on their activities in the third quarter of 2010, and on their expectations for the fourth quarter.

Supply Data Now a Focus of Probe -- Has the "channel check" become a criminal act? Wall Street analysts have been left bewildered in recent days, as federal prosecutors begin to home in on insider-trading cases that appear to involve routinely published information about public-company supply chains.

Remarkable ideas from 2010.
Ideas of the Year -- What's that expression? Necessity is the mother of... Let's just say 2010 has been a year of great necessity. Natural disasters, man-made disasters, bedbug plagues, political tsunamis (or was it monsoons?)--they all changed life in ways that demanded ingenious thinking. And whether by finding new uses for existing technologies, or devising novel solutions wholesale, smart minds dealt with this year's challenges with that most effective of coping mechanisms: innovation.

IT and the supply chain.
The Other Side Of IT -- IT is the conduit for connecting companies with their customers, but it's also the link between a company and its suppliers. While much attention has been paid to making the electronic front door work seamlessly, the glitches on the back end are still being ironed out.

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