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We know supply risk is a problem -- why do we just hope it'll "go away"?
Businesses turn blind eye to supply chain risk -- It is mid winter here in the Northeast, a time of year when travel plans always risk disruption when icy winds and storms sweep down from Canada. Logistics managers know all too well how weather can interfere with cargo movements via highways, mountain passes, and sea and air lanes. And it's not just logistics managers in the Snow Belt who need to keep a wary eye on the forecast. A typhoon somewhere in the Pacific can easily disrupt inventory flow on land thousands of miles away. Indeed, it is almost inevitable.

How To Avoid Overspending At Christmas -- Unemployment is high this year, and savings accounts are low. But that won't stop Americans from filling shopping carts with gifts this Christmas. With shopping a firmly entrenched holiday tradition, the average American will spend an average $715 this season--even if for some it's spending they can ill afford.

Peace out, China.
As Wages Rise, Time to Leave China? -- Rising wages -- together with currency fluctuations and high fuel costs -- are eating away the once-formidable "China price" advantage, prompting thousands of factory owners to flee the Pearl River Delta.

Where does your state rank?
Full Ranking: America's Healthiest And Unhealthiest States -- This annual ranking, published by the United Health Foundation and funded by insurer UnitedHealth Group ( UNH - news - people ), measures residents of all 50 U.S. states on 22 activities that can predict future health, such as smoking and exercising, and events that have already occurred, like death or violent crime.

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