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2011 Predictions from BravoSolution!

One question: Does that robot really need a chair?
Meet The Robots And Other Technologies Revolutionizing Supply Chain Models -- Here are some ways companies are innovating their processes.

Zapping costs in the energy sector.
Coal-to-gas power shift 'to cut energy costs' -- Switching from coal to gas power could save European nations 450bn euros ($596bn; £377bn) in the next two decades and cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, a group of gas firms says.

Tata NO NO.
Tata's Nano, the Car That Few Want to Buy -- When it was introduced in early 2009, the egg-shaped Tata Nano was billed as a modern-day people's car, an ultracheap vehicle that would bring greater mobility to the masses of India and, eventually, the world. But those ambitions have stalled -- for now, at least.

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