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Yahoo cuts costs, and staff.
Yahoo Sets Staff Cutback -- Yahoo Inc. is preparing to cut as many as 650 jobs, or almost 5% of its workforce, as early as Tuesday, according to people familiar with the situation. The cuts are the latest effort by the struggling Internet media company to streamline operations and cut costs as it attempts a multi-year turnaround effort under Chief Executive Carol Bartz.

More supply chain mobile apps.
Supply chain apps for smartphones released -- A logistics manager on-the-go or even within the facility will be able to use the app to see a wide range of data, such as total orders or cases shipped, inventory levels and on-time shipments. The data is available as traditional text or as bar charts or other graphics.

Personal spend management.
Four Ways to Stop Gorging on Gratification -- Business Week noted that "Amazon Prime may be the most ingenious and effective customer loyalty program in all of e-commerce, if not retail in general. It converts casual shoppers... who gorge on the gratification of having purchases reliably appear two days after they order, into Amazon addicts." The phrase that sticks out to me is "gorge on gratification."

This is amazing.
World Map of the Day -- Facebook data infrastructure engineering team intern Paul was "interested in seeing how geography and political borders affected where people lived relative to their friends," so he plugged a sample of approx. ten million pairs of friends into the open-source statistics environment R. "Not only were continents visible, certain international borders were apparent as well. What really struck me, though, was knowing that the lines didn't represent coasts or rivers or political borders, but real human relationships."

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