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The consumer side of CSR: They want it.
Consumers Overwhelmingly Want CSR -- Would you leave your job if your company did things contrary to your values? Do consumers really expect companies to do CSR initiatives? How does an "average" company become considered a "good" company? Moreover, how does a "good" company get to be considered a leader in sustainability?

Teach your children well.
Holiday Tips to Focus Children on the Spirit of Giving! -- During the holiday season we are all flooded with the association of holidays with gifts and presents. Kids are no exception. They are making their lists and checking them twice! This holiday, think about a new gift for a child you love... TEACH THEM ABOUT THE SPIRIT OF GIVING AND CHARITY!

Over on Procurement Leaders blog...
Marketing and procurement - growing up together -- What's surprising, if you ever try to explain marketing procurement to someone who's never heard of the concept, is how simple it all sounds. Perhaps then, it's just a matter of time before the knot at the heart of this relationship relaxes?

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