Spend Matters UK Weekly Round-Up

Big news for the UK defence department -- The FT reports that Bernard Gray has been appointed Chief of Defence Materiel for the UK Ministry of Defence, a role that includes operational delivery of most of the key procurement activity for MOD, as well as logistics and a whole range of other services and activities in the military space.

Jason has tackled this issue quite often... -- and this article goes on to say what Peter thinks of organizational maturity in terms of supply risk. "I'm not giving anything away to say that when we do get round to our serious predictions for 2011 (and tomorrow you'll see why I included the word 'serious' there...) then supply risk is going to feature pretty strongly," he says.

Wait, what's a "petard"?? -- Human Resources House Procurement With Our Own Petard? -- I had no idea what a 'petard' was until 5 minutes ago, when I thought I had better check if I was going to use it in a post title. So... it was a small bomb used to blow up gates and walls when breaching fortifications. (I assumed it was something like a rope or gallows – you learn something every day!). Anyway, to the point. Procurement has for years fought to get involved in Human Resources (HR) contracts in areas such as recruitment, contingent labour, or payroll services. In most organisations where procurement has reasonable general reputation and traction, procurement is now established in such categories. But has HR extracted their own toll in revenge?

Some new sponsors across the pond -- Hubwoo and Emptoris -- We are delighted to have two new sponsors for Spend Matters UK / Europe, as you may have spotted from the appearance of their logos on the site. They are both well-established, international firms, and we very much look forward to working with them. I've also discovered pretty serious music fans (maybe even a Reading Festival buddy for 2011) amongst both firms' senior ranks which is a real bonus! ("The new Midlake album isn't a throwback to Fairport Convention, it's an homage to early Moody Blues").

Sheena Moore

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