Best of Spend Matters: MetalMiner (Part 2)

Could US Rare Earth, Inc's Contract with Boeing Accelerate the Discovery of Enough Rare Earth Metals to Satisfy the US Supply Chain? -- A big story in the rare earth metals world hit the press yesterday as US Rare Earth announced a contract with Boeing to employ some of their technology which, when fully implemented, could scan wide areas from airplanes or satellites, and identify rare earth elements or other substances based upon their spectral fingerprints, according to TechNewsDaily.

China Doing to Uranium What It Has Done To Copper -- Is there any metal or, indeed, commodity in which China is not making the running -- where China's rising demand is not creating a wholly new dynamic in the global supply market?

Steampunk's Inventive Element in Metal -- Once a venue devoted exclusively to comic books, science fiction and fantasy in film and television; the massive annual convention San Diego Comic-Con International has evolved over the years to showcase a broader range of pop culture.

Sheena Moore

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