Spend Matters Goes on Holiday — Well, Sort Of …

Starting today, the next two weeks are traditionally quiet ones for many companies. Our offices will be open this week, but our publishing plan will feature a combination of new and CSR-friendly (read: recycled) content. Specifically, the green content will feature the increasingly famous Spend Matters "Best of Series"posts, updated with the most read and perhaps useful -- if not entertaining and maybe even both -- content from the past six months, and years long past. Our new content over the next few weeks will feature a number of vendor/provider updates and reviews, including updates on one of the top players in the contract management market (not to mention an introduction to another supplier network and connectivity provider). Please continue to check in daily for at least a couple of new stories and broader market coverage.

There's also the potential for at least one or two acquisition announcements in the coming weeks (though we suspect these are more likely to happen in the New Year). Our suspicion is that one vendor in particular, having had a significant run up in stock value recently, may continue to use its currency to arbitrage its higher valuation multiple for revenue, in the supplier network, connectivity and related areas, that shared services and niche providers can't realize on their own.

Also in the coming weeks, we'll continue our coverage of Infosys, as well as the broader BPO market. In the past two months, we've had some insightful conversations with CPOs about their experiences working with various procurement BPO providers and look forward to sharing some of their aggregated learning from these experiences. As more and more companies begin to consider procurement BPO as an option for select or broader indirect spend areas, it will be critical to understand lessons from others that have already proceeded down the same path (e.g., why "lift and shift" models in a short-term window can be a near impossibility to pull off without material complications in procurement).

So even if you're taking time off from the office, don't lose touch with what's happening in the sector. Drop in a couple times over the holidays. There will be a lot on Spend Matters that you'll miss if you don't! And do, especially if you're in a somber mode, check out Peter's very serious procurement and related predictions for 2011.

Jason Busch

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