Best of Spend Matters: Spend Matters UK/Europe (Part 1)

We were extremely proud to launch Spend Matters UK/Europe with Peter Smith this year. Jason and Peter have hit the ground running and are collectively having a blast covering the expanded UK and European market together. Having similar interest in wine, critically influential periodicals (e.g., National Lampoon) and all that goes with launching a new start-up, the two seem made to work together. Though barely a quarter old, the site is already flourishing. Though I suppose there has been quite a lot to cover over there, what with the crazy spending cuts! Cheers to a great start, exclusive coverage and praise for Peter's expertise ... and humor.

Now Royal Mail – when did 'Procurement Director' become a high-risk job? -- For the second week running, a CPO was splashed across the Sunday papers. Along with her CEO, Kath Harmeston of Royal Mail was featured in the Sunday Times in what looks suspiciously like "the Telegraph got the Serco scoop last week, let's have a go this week" piece.

Whitehall Procurement savings targets – the numbers just don't add up -- The Steve Bagshaw interview with John Collington provided a lot of interesting material, although in places John was obviously playing a very straight bat in the absence as yet of clear announcements about structure and process for centralised Whitehall procurement.

Exclusive! OGC / Cabinet Office procurement re-organisation takes another step forward -- Spend Matters has learnt that the long-awaited re-organisation of OGC / Cabinet Office / Buying Solutions in response to the centralisation of UK government commodity procurement has started in earnest.

Sheena Moore

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