Best of Spend Matters: Guest Posts (Part 1)

We wouldn't be where we are without the thoughtful and smart analysis of our guest contributors. Below is their best.

New Purchasing Trends Ahead for Microsoft? -- Last month, Microsoft made big news when it announced a $100M, 100,000-user deal with New York City. But, what makes this deal significant isn't the size -- it's the resulting savings and centralization within NYC's IT operations.

UPS & FedEx Rate Hikes: How Will They Impact Your Supply Chain Spend? -- This is the time of year when the two gorillas in transportation, FedEx and UPS, announce their annual rate increases. FedEx announced their 2011 rates last month, and UPS gave the market a snapshot last week of what to expect when they fully disclose rates on November 12th.

Smart Spend on Business Intelligence -- Business Intelligence (BI) has been rated by analysts firms as one of the top technologies in recent years. While the technology is still maturing, when properly implemented, BI has been shown to deliver several benefits. These include information enabled, fact-based, quick decision making by drawing on multiple data sources, as well as obtaining valuable historical and now increasingly predictive insights into business operations.

Sheena Moore

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