Best of Spend Matters: Guest Posts (Part 2)

Dealing with Darwin -- the Increasing Importance of Innovation on Competitive Advantage -- As I waited in my car in the scorching Boston summer heat, I was half listening to Terry Gross's Fresh Air program. I became very engaged as she started interviewing Matt Richtel, a New York Times writer, on his recent story "Digital Overload: Your Brain on Gadgets." In the interview, he discussed his latest scientific research on how being connected 24/7 to the outside world through Blackberries, iPhones, Twitter and Facebook is rewiring our brain, and not necessarily for the better.

Risk Managing the Supply Chain -- Risk managing the supply chain is a strategic planning tool that supply chain executives can use to increase efficiencies, mitigate risks before they cause damage, and negotiate and manage critical contracts and strategic alliances. Different supply chains are driven by the organizations that they serve and the business/strategic plans they forge to guide them.

Keep Calm and Carry On: Britain Slashes Federal Spending; What Path Will the US Take? -- The news is awash right now with the implications of the massive federal spending cuts announced in the UK. In discussing with Peter Smith, our UK correspondent about the quick-cut "take action now!" approach, he suggested that the reasoning was really quite simple.

Sheena Moore

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