Best of Spend Matters: Technology (Part 2)

Friday Rant: The 2011 eProcurement Renaissance -- I've spoken to a significant range of eProcurement providers in the past few months, from some of the largest ERP players to smaller vendors with regional penetration in specific geographic markets. I've also had the chance to interview (some might say interrogate) a handful of technology leads in the P2P area for large corporations who live and breathe eProcurement solutions every day.

Catching Up with Elemica, Starting with Sourcing (Part 1) -- In the coming months on Spend Matters, we'll feature a series of multi-part posts on Elemica, one of the last remaining B2B marketplaces that got its start in the dot com era. Given the attention that Quadrem has received in the past week owing to its announced sale to Ariba -- not to mention BPO interest in acquiring shared services-type organizations and captives -- I suspect we'll see greater attention paid to other remaining exchanges as M&A talk heats up.

Simplifying IT: Potentially Disrupting the SAP SRM Ecosystem with a Simple but Great Idea (Part 1) -- It's rare that I encounter an absolutely novel idea in procurement technology circles. Most truly innovative companies that I've recently taken a close look at (e.g., Co-Exprise, Endeca, etc.) have focused on extending existing features in new ways or mashing together functional capabilities from different segments into new offerings whose chemical composition looks different than the parent contributors.

Sheena Moore

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