Best of Spend Matters: Holidays (Part 1)

We like celebrating around here. Simple as that. Cheers to you and yours, and here are some holiday-themed posts. One is about eggnog! I love eggnog!

Gift Giving Bloopers -- Avoidance Techniques for Spouses -- Selecting the right, let alone perfect, gift during the Holiday Season is fraught with distraction. The idea that we must select gifts for all who are important to us at the same time -- or as many men know, on the same day when time's up -- is not conducive to meaningful buying. The ironic thing about "bad gifts" is that they're rarely forgotten -- especially by women.

Friday Rant: Unhappy Holidays -- 15.1 Million People Are Unemployed and Seeking Work in the U.S. -- This is less of a rant and more of a reality check. Yesterday was the first day of Hanukkah with Christmas just three weeks away. Projections for an approximate 2.5% increase in retail sales this season appear on target, auto sales are up and of course that's all good news. But for the 15.1 million people looking for work -- many of whom having exhausted their unemployment benefits -- this is an especially unhappy time of year.

New MacBook Air: Will Foxconn's Wage Increase Affect Consumers? -- The new MacBook Air was actually predicted weeks before its unveiling yesterday, and do you know why? Because of the supply chain.

Sheena Moore

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