Best of Spend Matters: Friday Rants (Part 1)

The Friday Rant column is my favorite on Spend Matters, as we can take off our neutral blog faces and tell you all what we really think, about anything really. Here are some of our best read, most commented upon, and perhaps most offensive or "out-there" posts from the year. And remember: we always welcome counter-rants!

Friday Rant: We Need a New Generation of Spend Management Products (Part 1) -- When I look at the universe of most procurement, sourcing and even supply chain software products in the market, I see what represents a logical continuum of solutions that have been around in some form or another for ten, fifteen or in some cases (especially in the supply/demand planning areas), nearly twenty years.

Friday Rant: The FreeMarkets Legacy: Accenture's Gain, Ariba's Loss -- Eleven years ago, about two hundred of us were averaging 14+ hour days in a Class B office building in Pittsburgh, intent on changing the sourcing and procurement world. Thanks to a strong vision and the ability to raise enough capital to hire some of the best, brightest, and most passionate in the business (and convince them to move to Pittsburgh, as well), FreeMarkets was able to scale significantly faster than the entirely services driven sourcing firms that had come before.

Friday Rant: Is Private Equity a Better Buyer of Software Companies Than Other Vendors? -- Madison Dearborn's recent Fieldglass buyout provides further proof that today's private equity firms might be better strategic -- that's right, strategic and not financial -- buyers of software companies than software companies themselves.

Sheena Moore

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