Best of Spend Matters: Year’s Disasters (Part 1)

Who knew: 2010 was the year of Haitian earthquakes, huge-scale oil spills, and unpronounceable (and therefore more menacing) volcanoes. How did we deal? Check it out below.

BP's Deepwater Horizon Supply Chain: Supplier Complexity May Be Part of the Blame -- The background on the tier one supplier partners and components in the rig construction is quite fascinating if you look at the included list and begin to analyze the extended supply chain implications.

Supply Risk Lessons From BP -- I was telling my wife the other night over a date-night dinner that if I had more time on my hands, I could spend 12 hours a day right now digging into a supply risk analysis of BP's oil spill, especially considering Transocean and Halliburton's involvement, among other suppliers, in contributing (or not) to the rig's failure.

Iceland, Supply Chains and Transportation Preparedness -- Disasters, both natural and manmade, have dominated the headlines since the beginning of 2010. Most recently, the BP oil spill has sent stocks on a rollercoaster, and the Icelandic volcano eruption disrupted travel and commerce across the globe. Many companies suffered, and those that weren't directly impacted received a de facto warning: be prepared or prepare to lose money, customers and your reputation.

Sheena Moore

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