Best of Spend Matters: Year’s Disasters (Part 2)

Wiping the Volcanic Supply Chain Risk Ash off AT Kearney's Supply Risk Research (Part 1) -- Even though I think Paul Laudicina, AT Kearney's chairman, is a bit misguided when it comes to politics and economics -- his address at ISM's annual event last year could have been a stump speech for Obama's CSR and finance priorities -- his recent online column in Forbes makes a good effort at sharing some of the supply chain risk implications of the recent explosion of that unpronounceable volcano.

Have we Learned any Supply Risk Lessons From Eyjafjallajokull? -- As Peter Smith and others have pointed out recently, the giant ash cloud that grounded much of the air traffic in Europe for over a week called out a form of supply risk that few of us planned for. Granted, we might find it difficult to get budget for contingency planning efforts involving rogue volcanoes that happen to spit out random ash clouds every couple hundred years.

Supply Chain Risk – Who Predicted Eyjafjallajokull? -- Supply Chain Risk has probably been for me the biggest growth area in the profession over the last couple of years. My friends who are CPOs agree: it is the factor that has gone from one of their "tier 3" issues to something right up there at the top of their agendas alongside bottom line savings and the "war for talent."

Sheena Moore

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