Best of Spend Matters: Year-End Predictions (Part 2)

Nine Spend Matters Resolutions for the New Year -- I'm sure you've been hit over the head far too much already with New Year's resolutions, on both the personal and professional level. I won't rant too long on the subject here, but there are a few resolutions I think you might find useful as a level-set about where my head is taking Spend Matters into 2010. Without further adieu, here are a few resolutions that I've written down, and against which I plan to measure our performance in the coming quarters.

Spend Matters: Twelve Predictions for the Twelve Months of 2010 -- It's the second day back to work for most of us after at least a few days off over the holiday and New Year's break. While I'm sure many of you are raring to get back into action, you're also not exactly looking forward to the increased workload of the coming weeks as we all play catch up and start putting our 2010 plans and programs into action.

Spend Matters Wishes for a Prosperous New Year -- Wouldn't you like to forget 2009? It was a horrible year on so many fronts: governments spent and spent with abandon, driving up deficits with little to show for their stimulus efforts (at least outside of China, that is); many of us lost our jobs, or were forced to pick up the slack when others in the office were summarily dismissed for budgeting reasons.

Sheena Moore

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