Lead Sponsorship: An Offer Good Until the End of May

There's been a lead sponsorship open on Spend Matters for over a month, perhaps owing to the fact we raised the fee and enhanced the offering earlier this year by making it more of a bundled solution. This surprises me because of our overall traffic growth, (we are now 2x larger than any other media site in the space and have seen a noticeable blip in recent weeks with the unfortunate demise of Purchasing) as well as the interest for Associate Sponsorships, for which there is currently a waiting list. Even though we're in talks with a handful of folks interested in a lead spot, I'm hoping this post provides incentive for someone to step up to the plate. So here's the deal we'll make with the first provider that steps up to the table before month's end:

In addition to the many benefits of lead sponsorship outlined at the end of this post, we'll hold two Spend Matters webinars for a lead sponsor throughout a 12-month sponsorship period (a $35K value) for anyone who pulls the trigger by the end of May. This summer, we'll be hosting webinars ourselves for the first time, attempting to fill a lead generation and branding need for sponsors and advertisers that has resulted from Purchasing's webinar series ending. We'll be promoting the webinars directly on Spend Matters and MetalMiner as well as to our lists, which now stand at approximately 10,000 names of those who have downloaded material or signed up for our newsletters or pricing index (Purchasing had just over 25,000 active names and email addresses for promotion). We suspect, based on the success of MetalMiner webinars to date (which were not promoted on Spend Matters), that we'll be able to conservatively get at least 150-200 registrants (if not more) for each of the right topics. And that's before we make replays available. What's the catch you ask? There is none, other than the fact the webinars must be held this year and you must sign up by the end of May 2010.

The other benefits of Lead Sponsorship include:
1. Logo with link – on all pages of Spend Matters in the "Lead Sponsor" position (upper right corner & limited to four), resulting in maximum exposure and branding
2. Campaign content graphic/area to promote thought leadership or announcements and special campaigns or promotions to the immediate left of the logo with the ability to change the link on a periodic basis (maximum of 3 campaigns in rotation at a single time with our new ad server capability)
3. Provider Index profile / content listing including links to thought leadership
4. Advisory time (which some sponsors use for private label content creation and others use for speaking or consulting days)
5. Unlimited phone Inquiry / discussion time
6. Ability to reproduce Spend Matters content upon request for marketing initiatives throughout the sponsorship period (with citation to www.spendmatters.com)
7. Sponsorship of one Spend Matters Compass Series

The entire value of Lead Sponsorship in this package represents well over a $140K value for an annual cost of $75K (which can be divided into quarterly payments). It combines exposure with a series of proven thought leadership and lead generation approaches that will collectively net the organization which takes the plunge hundreds, if not over a thousand leads (even if they do not promote any offers themselves).

Because Lead sponsorship is limited to four spots and only one is currently available, don't delay if you're interested. William Busch, our VP of Business Development, (wbusch(at)spendmatters(dot)com or 215.508.7414) will be happy to share with you more specific details of Lead Sponsorship and the benefits existing sponsors have seen to date.

- Jason Busch

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