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Welcome to 2011 everyone!

UPS takes the supply chain to mainstream advertising.

Stolen off the line.
Nintendo 3DS Stolen Off the Production Line -- Is brief (and anonymous) internet fame potentially worth your job? One factory worker in Japan seems to think so, as he's lifted a Nintendo 3DS off the line, two months before its scheduled release in Japan.

Ah, humans and their innate need to categorize.
Your Success is Linked to 4 Types of People -- Your success in the workplace is inextricably linked to your collaborations with other people. You must therefore know who will help and who will hinder your relevancy and sustainability in the workplace. There are four primary types of people (characters) you must always identify:

Posted purely because I like the headline.
We Will Never Accept Jake Gyllenhaal As A Warrior Prince. But Small Business Owners Are Starting To Accept The Cloud. -- For the first time I can remember, small business owners began accepting cloud based applications this past year. And that's a big, big change in attitude.

- Sheena Moore

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