Spend Matters UK/Europe Weekly Round-Up

While I was eating my fill of Pacific Northwest salmon (and drinking my fill of Pacific Northwest beers) on vacation last week, Peter was hard at work writing some great posts for Spend Matters UK/Europe. Here's the round-up:

First, some new years stuff: Procurement (and other) highlights of 2010 and The CPO's New Year's procurement resolutions

There was a great segment on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me about this a couple weeks ago too: Get your bids in – one aircraft carrier going cheap (and a few MiGs?) -- We've got a bit of a military procurement week coming up on Spend Matters, so as we get into all things defence procurement related, just a reminder that you've only got a couple of days left to get your bids in for HMS Invincible, a de-commissioned aircraft carrier.

The Times moves on to Health procurement -- Having done a pretty thorough hatchet job on UK Defence procurement, The Times is moving onto the health sector now. It's behind their paywall (I'm a subscriber), but you can get a flavour of it from this opening quote: "More than £1 billion a year of taxpayers' money is being wasted as health service managers spend wildly different amounts on the same supplies, the head of a government-backed efficiency drive has told The Times."

Floods and water shortages: Add water shortages to the list of supply chain disruption events and Floods in Australia lead to Force Majeure declarations


- Sheena Moore

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