Best of MetalMiner 2010

Our sister site MetalMiner has grown dramatically in the past year (read this article for the specifics). Over the holidays, they ran a great "best of" series of their own, so we thought we'd highlight some of the issues that would be of the most interest to Spend Matters readers. Enjoy!

China. We write about it a lot, but MetalMiner writes about it a LOT. Quoting them, "what happens in China most certainly does not stay in China. Instead, Chinese actions and events have a tremendous effect on the global economy." Check out the following:

The WikiLeaks Files – China Computer Hacking Hits US Manufacturing

China Has a Competitor to Boeing and Airbus

China Bidding for High Speed Rail Projects in the US

2010 was a year of ETFs in the metals industry. From base metals to the more controversial rare earths, MetalMiner covered them all:

Base Metal ETFs One Step Closer to Launch – Impact on Industrial Metal Buying Organizations

Metal Hoarding A Concern Amidst New ETF Launches?

Putting the Copper, Tin and Nickel ETF Hype to Bed – For Now

JP Morgan and Lynas Behind New Rare Earth Metal ETF – Where is Industry?

Finally, one of my favorite things about MetalMiner is that they look not only at price trends and global issues, but also at practical and aesthetic applications of metal in the design and art world. See some posts here about how beautiful metal can be.

- Sheena Moore

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