Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Banana blight!
We Have No Bananas -- More than a thousand kinds of banana can be found worldwide, but a variety called Cavendish, which a nineteenth-century British explorer happened upon in a household garden in southern China, represents ninety-nine per cent of the banana export market.

Dear my AT&T relationship: I sense a break-up.
Verizon Gets The iPhone, But It Will Cost Them A Fortune -- But for Verizon Wireless itself, this could turn out to be something of a mixed bag. Bloomberg notes in a report this morning that the company could spend $3 billion to $5 billion to subsidize purchases of the iPhone in 2011 alone.

...which leads to...
AT&T Preps iPhone Plan -- AT&T has taken other steps to prepare for losing exclusivity. It beefed up its investment budget last year to improve the quality of its oft-criticized network, rolled out a slate of new devices, cut the price of older iPhones and accelerated upgrades to new iPhones to lock more customers into long-term contracts.

We'll see about this.
Is fiscal austerity coming to Washington? -- The 112th Congress of the United States took office in an air of fiscal austerity. Be that as it may, we are not expecting much in the way of fiscal austerity from Washington any time soon.

- Sheena Moore

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