Spend Matters UK/Europe Round-Up

Some industry thoughts on KPMG and "consulting for nothing" -- We raved on last week about KPMG (and others) working for nothing on Government contracts. I asked a few people / organizations what they thought and here are the responses – some more interesting than others.

Are bank bonuses a failure of procurement? -- Do we get overly hysterical about bank bonuses? Is it any worse than footballers' salaries (over which my wife for one gets highly exercised)? I think it is the apparent lack of a clear link between competence and reward that bugs people; we just don't believe that quite so many people are worth so much money.

Don't say "sustainability," say "profitability." -- Paul Teague, ex Editor of Purchasing magazine in the US, is a welcome addition to the procurement blogosphere. He's writing regularly now for Procurement Leaders. His piece this week is all about 'sustainability' and makes the interesting suggestion that we should stop using the word in a procurement context and talk instead about 'profitability', which gets the attention of Boards and senior colleagues more readily. I think he's half right. I do agree that sustainability has become overused and actually, in some areas, I'm not even sure it means anything.

BravoSolution is a new Spend Matters UK lead sponsor! -- They have carved out a strong global position in eSourcing and related areas (spend analytics, optimisation etc), and are a relative rarity in being a European (Italian) company that has built a global software business, with customers in 30 countries, revenues of over 50 million Euros and 450 plus staff.

And finally, are you going to be in London in February? -- If you didn't see this on the UK blog, Jason says "I'm planning a trip over to the UK sometime in February (need to escape those midnight baby feedings, I suppose, but keep that between us) to connect with a bunch of folks and to see if I can yet order a "schooner" in a pub. During the visit, I thought it would make sense to try to get a dozen or so folks together to informally debate the merits of a given topic."

- Sheena Moore

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