Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

"Skinny Masala Macchiato, anyone?"
Starbucks Brews Plan to Enter India -- Starbucks Corp. unveiled an alliance Thursday with India's flagship conglomerate--a move designed to pave the way for retail locations here and to sell more Indian coffee world-wide. India remains one of the big untapped markets for the Seattle-based coffee and food company. Chairman Howard Schultz said in an interview from Mumbai that India could one day rival China, where it recently announced plans to more than triple the number of outlets to around 1,500 in five years.

Spousal spending.
Is Your Partner Cheating On You Financially? 31% Admit Money Deception -- Financial infidelity may be the new normal. In a recent survey, one in three Americans (31%) who have combined their finances admitted lying to their spouses about money, and another one-third of these adults said they'd been deceived.

Wait, we're not "special?"
2FATCA: the End of American Exceptionalism or Merely the Next Chapter? -- Thus, it is in vogue among the declinists to say that American economic dominance (whether actual or ideological) is certain to erode within the next few decades; to be replaced by a multi-polar world made up of China, the Middle East, and the other fast growing nations/regions. It is in this area that the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act rears its head.

Is This The World's First Billion-Dollar Yacht? -- It was only a matter of time. In November, Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani welcomed guests into his new 27-story Mumbai home, thought to be the world's most expensive private residence with a $1 billion price tag. Now, a UK yacht designer is giving the ultra-rich a chance to one-up Ambani by owning what is being described as the world's first $1 billion yacht.

- Sheena Moore

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