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Too much data in the military?
In New Military, Data Overload Can Be Deadly -- Data is among the most potent weapons of the 21st century. Unprecedented amounts of raw information help the military determine what targets to hit and what to avoid. And drone-based sensors have given rise to a new class of wired warriors who must filter the information sea. But sometimes they are drowning.

Stay healthy -- investment-wise.
In Health Care, Cost-Cutting Pays Investors -- Investors in health-care stocks have reason to feel ill: In 2010 the Standard & Poor's North American Health-Care Index had the smallest gain among the seven North American sector indexes. It rose by a mere 4.3 percent, vs. 26 percent apiece for the technology and cyclical-stock sector indexes. The industry is beset with challenges, from the uncertainties surrounding health-care reform to a wave of patent expirations that will arrive with manufacturers facing a dearth of blockbuster drugs in the pipeline. Still, leading health-care fund managers spy plenty of opportunities to profit in 2011.

I'm sorry, but gross.
Starbucks 31-oz "Trenta" cup size set for U.S. debut -- Starbucks Corp will roll out its biggest drink size yet -- the 31-ounce "Trenta" -- in all of its U.S. coffee shops by May 3, the company said on Sunday.

Happy MLK day.

- Sheena Moore

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