What Did Obama Say After the Bow to Chinese President Hu Jintao…?

There's been intense speculation in the Spend Matters/MetalMiner office today about what President Obama told Chinese President Hu Jintao after his bow. Here's what we believe might have been said (further commentary welcome):

Photo source: REUTERS/Jim Young

  1. "Wind and solar power...I defer to you."
  2. "Now about that small matter of intellectual property..."
  3. "We'd be delighted to have your SOEs buy off our companies. Want a bank or two?"
  4. "When do I get my red phone?"
  5. "I agree, the RMB should be the world reserve currency."
  6. "Pleeeeease appreciate your currency!!"
  7. "No need to hack our corporate systems this week. Everything you requested is on the USB drive in my pocket."
  8. "I'll sweeten the next treasury offering by agreeing to personally sing a tune on KTV."
  9. "If you plan to use our technology to beat us in our own market, we would be delighted for you to bid on that rail project in California."
  10. "You can have Taiwan if you personally autograph my copy of the Art of War."
  11. "Want to sail aboard QE2 back to Beijing?"
  12. "Xie Xie! Thank you! Thank you!"
  13. "I've told Joe to spit around the White House today to make you feel more at home."
  14. "I'll trade you a pack of my personal Camels for some more rare earths."

- Jason Busch and Lisa Reisman

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