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Future stuff.
Building The Supply Chain Of The Future -- Many global supply chains are not equipped to cope with the world we are entering. Most were engineered, some brilliantly, to manage stable, high-volume production by capitalizing on labor-arbitrage opportunities available in China and other low-cost countries. But in a future when the relative attractiveness of manufacturing locations changes quickly--along with the ability to produce large volumes economically--such standard approaches can leave companies dangerously exposed.

Surprise surprise.
China stealth fighter 'copied parts from downed US jet' -- The technology behind China's J-20 stealth fighter may have come from a US plane shot down during the Kosovo war, Balkan military sources say.

No more computers, Navy!
Navy ordered to reduce computer purchases -- The U.S. Navy has ordered its procurement officers to stop buying computer servers and to increase the efficiency of those it operates, officials said.

China cashes in on the royal wedding -- In a chilly, grimy looking factory in northern China, women wearing coats to keep out the winter cold sit in rows. In front of them are tables piled with plain white china plates. The women are hard at work.

- Sheena Moore

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