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Despite the whole worst oil spill of all time thing...
Halliburton doubles profits -- Halliburton, the oil services company once run by former US vice-president Dick Cheney, doubled its profits in the last quarter of 2010, even as the US government tarred it with "systemic failures" in the BP Deepwater Horizon drilling disaster.

Over on Procurement Leaders.
Is China really losing out as a sourcing destination? -- It's often extremely difficult to get a sense of when a trend is happening until it's already passed. When it comes to sourcing from China, depending on whom you ask, it's still on an aggressive trajectory, or Chinese suppliers are losing out to, among others, the Indian and Vietnamese markets. So, who to believe?

This is just so French.
Make-up lessons offered in France for jobless women -- The government's main employment agency in France has been organising makeover days to help women get one step ahead in the jobs market.

- Sheena Moore

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