Spend Matters UK/Europe Weekly Round-Up

QOTW column hugely successful! -- Here's this week's. Go weigh in.

ISM goes corporate (for memberships, that is) -- ISM has historically run the same membership model as CIPS; all members are individuals, whether they are student, qualified, or 'associate' type designation. The NIGP, the main US public sector focused Institute operates differently, with organisations rather than individuals affiliating. Now ISM has announced that it wants to change its rules to allow 'corporate' memberships.

Ghost, Zombie, or Corpse?? -- Peter kicks off a 5-part series on saying goodbye to the UK Office of Government Commerce. "With my journalistic hat on, coffee or beer in hand, (OK, often beer) I've been talking to a few contacts in what used to be the UK Office of Government Commerce – and some interested parties in central Whitehall Departments – over the last couple of weeks to get a sense of what is going on in public sector procurement, particularly the Whitehall element of it."

Peter dabbles in the world of technology analysis! -- Tradeshift are a Danish company, only launched early in 2010. Their intent is to develop a leading, open, web-based purchase to pay platform, built on the open-source UBL (unified business language) so that developers can build apps to work with it. And to start, they're offering e-invoicing capability free of charge to users, both buyers and sellers.

- Sheena Moore

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