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Bid rigging in Philly??
Accused of rigging, district to redo bids -- The Philadelphia School District will rebid a multimillion-dollar management contract for the district's Broad Street headquarters amid allegations of bid rigging on behalf of a minority-owned company ... John L. Byars, the district's chief of procurement, was accused of seeking to steer the contract to U.S. Facilities Inc., a subsidiary of a minority firm founded by Willie F. Johnson, a former state and city official.

T-A-X-B-R-E-A-K-S spells relief.
Obama Proposes Tax Relief for Small Businesses -- President Barack Obama will ask Congress to permanently eliminate capital gains taxes on certain investments made by small businesses as part of the budget plan he submits to Congress next month, a White House official said.

Grain riots?
Bread Is Life: Food and Protest in Egypt -- Global wheat prices are at an all-time high, and other grains and meat prices were up over 20% by the end of 2010. Though some 40% of Egypt's 80 million residents live in poverty, high food prices don't have the same impact in Egypt that they might have in other vulnerable countries. The nation has a huge subsidy program that, when its working right, helps protect its poorest citizens from inflated food prices. Two years ago, when food prices were soaring and riots broke out, there technically was no food shortage, but the high prices of commodities %u213 and bad management of the private and government supply chain %u213 led to disruptions in the supply of subsidized grain, so many couldn't afford to eat.

- Sheena Moore

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