Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Shortcuts On How To Increase Your Bottom Line With Government Contracts -- Given the government's procurement goals of awarding 23% of their spending to small businesses and 5% to women-owned businesses, federal contracting is an important avenue of growth for many small businesses--and now more than ever women-owned small businesses--to consider.

Where's the mayor?
Mayoral Sign-Out Sheet? Secretive Jaunts Spur a Thought -- ...of all the aggravations that have accompanied Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's final term, perhaps none is as unexpected, personal and stinging as this: Now people have the temerity to ask when he is leaving town.

Lessons from Amazon.
What We Can All Learn From Amazon about Seeing Business Opportunities Others Don't See -- Many of the early dot-coms spotted the great opportunities the Internet offered and sought to sow those seeds of momentous opportunity. But one company stands out, even today, above them all: Amazon.com.

Are you kidding me?
Are the People in Your Organization Too Smart to be Creative? -- A career-limiting move can be something as overt as challenging the boss. Or, it can be as subtle as driving the wrong make of car, not belonging to the right country club or being a little too indiscrete on Facebook. In one organization I've worked with, conventional wisdom was that facial hair on men and slacks on women constituted career-limiting moves. Now, a study finds that being openly creative might well be a career-limiting move, too.

- Sheena Moore

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