Welcoming a New Lead Sponsor: Hubwoo

I'm very excited to announce that Hubwoo has become a new Lead Sponsor of Spend Matters. Hubwoo has built a strong name for itself in SAP procurement circles, transforming in the past five years from an amalgam of B2B components into a comprehensive provider of cloud-based solutions. Offering both multi-tenant hosted versions of core SAP SRM solutions as well as its own enabling solutions (e.g., invoice management, content/catalog management, etc.) Hubwoo has become a one-stop shop for companies looking to enhance their installed SAP SRM capabilities or migrate to SRM without a behind the firewall deployment.

Moreover, Hubwoo offers a competitively priced and full-featured supplier network offering that's growing fast (we previously noted that in 2010, Hubwoo users sent approximately 6.9 million transactional documents through its "Collaboration Hub," up from 6.2 million in 2009). In addition to the SRM and P2P areas, Hubwoo offers a range of other capabilities designed for SAP customers, including e-sourcing and spend analysis (they're also partnered with another SAP deployment partner in the spend visibility area, Bristlecone).

We could spend many more paragraphs talking about Hubwoo's solutions on a high level without even touching on some of the most important details. But rather than go down that path, what interests me most as we introduce them here is that they're a fascinating case study in how to build a symbiotic relationship with a much larger organization -- SAP in this case -- by addressing market gaps without going down the competitive front and overtly threatening their host. Moreover, like Ariba, Hubwoo is an example of a survivor of the B2B era. Both companies came close to not making it, but have since righted the ship and transformed their business and customer engagement models. It's great to see success stories like this.

From helping SAP shops drive additional spend under management through their onboarding and network programs to extending eProcurement capabilities into the electronic invoicing realm, Hubwoo has a fascinating story to tell. As we continue to cover the SAP procurement ecosystem in more detail, I have no doubt that Hubwoo will be a great contributor and partner, adding to the conversation as we talk about how companies can get more from their ERP procurement environments. In the meantime, please join me in extending a warm welcome to Hubwoo as they join Spend Matters as a Lead Sponsor, building on their initial sponsorship of Spend Matters UK/Europe.

- Jason Busch

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