Spend Matters Friday Latte

Mubarek steps down.
Mubarak Resigns, Delegates Affairs to Army -- President Hosni Mubarak succumbed to the demands of hundreds of thousands of his countrymen Friday and resigned from office, bringing to an end three decades of autocratic rule.

This is like when I took an astronomy class in undergrad and couldn't sleep for the entire quarter because my mind was blown.
Global data storage calculated at 295 exabytes -- Mankind's capacity to store the colossal amount of information in the world has been measured by scientists. The study, published in the journal Science, calculates the amount of data stored in the world by 2007 as 295 exabytes. That is the equivalent of 1.2 billion average hard drives.

Groupon gets caffeinated.
Starbucks CEO Joins Groupon Board -- If you thought Groupon was serious about global domination before, wait until you see what they did now. None other than Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has been elected to the company's Board of Directors. Coincidentally, Maveron LLC, the venture capital company founded by Schultz, made an undisclosed stake in the company, furthering speculation that a Groupon IPO is imminent.

Nokia And Microsoft Announce Strategic Partnership -- It's official. Nokia is forming a strategic partnership with Microsoft to make Windows Phone 7 its primary smartphone operating system, in an attempt to revive its fortunes in North America and compete against the threat from Google Android and Apple's iPhone.

Hm again. What do you think?
Drunk A&E patients 'should pay' for hospital treatment -- Drunk people should pay for the treatment they receive at accident and emergency units, a patients' group has said. The Scotland Patients Association said nurses and doctors were often abused by those who had overindulged in alcohol, particularly at weekends.

- Sheena Moore

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