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2011 International Trade Policy Breaking Point – Simulcast -- We want to give a definitive focus to all the policy issues currently littering the landscape. Much has been written and publicly debated about the US trade deficit and the subsequent loss of manufacturing jobs, currency policies, anti-dumping cases, violations of WTO trading rules and, most recently, the impact of Quantitative Easing on the dollar. Register now!

Supply risk.
Arab protests pose energy threat -- With the oil-rich Arab world facing a protracted period of popular revolt and political uncertainty, investors in the energy sector are now planning for the costly and totally unpredictable.

High-speed rail.
A look at China's high-speed rail investments -- Today, it is China that is leading the world in a key next-generation transportation technology: high-speed rail. China has already built 4,000 miles of rail featuring trains with average speeds of 120 miles per hour or greater, and the country plans to build an additional 10,000 miles of high-speed rail connecting all of China's major cities by 2020.

Apparently we should all move to Australia (but I agree with Vancouver).
World's 10 most livable cities. -- Vancouver topped the list of the world's most liveable cities for the fifth straight year, while Melbourne claimed second place from Vienna and Australian and Canadian cities dominated the list's top 10 spots.

- Sheena Moore

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