Spend Matters Friday Latte

Getting down to the wire -- Spend Matters and MetalMiner's first event is THIS Tuesday. Register for International Trade Breaking Point!

Why CFOs have started talking to their office buildings.
Our Office Buildings Are Talking To Us; Time To Start Listening -- At a recent staff meeting, a CFO asked his team why some buildings the company owned were more cost effective, with lower energy bills, than others. His employees started to throw out recommendations of how to address the high-cost buildings, including consolidating their workforce or simply rebuilding. The CFO's attention was caught, however, by the response of a younger staff member, "If we want to understand the root cause....why don't we start by asking the buildings?"

Boeing wins an Airforce contract.
Politicians jubilant at unexpected Boeing victory -- The Air Force decision favoring Boeing's tanker bid was met with jubilation by Washington's congressional leaders during a news conference in downtown Seattle.

China is maybe LinkedIn??
LinkedIn Blocked In China, Then Unblocked; Does It Face The Same Fate As Facebook And Twitter? -- LinkedIn became accessible again inside China early Friday evening after the business networking site had been blocked Thursday -- was this a technical glitch, or is this part of an ongoing adjustment to the Great Firewall? Chinese authorities never explicitly verify intentional maneuvers individually, but they have been intensely vigilant of Web 2.0 services since their inception, and every other foreign social media site that leads its market is already blocked, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Foursquare.

Samsung moves from consumer electronics to healthcare?
Samsung Forms Health-Care Joint Venture -- Samsung Electronics Co. said Friday it would take another step into health care, setting up a joint venture with U.S.-based biopharmaceutical-services company Quintiles Transnational Corp., as part of a series of moves to diversify away from consumer electronics in coming years.

- Sheena Moore

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