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Plato preferred drama.
Is procurement a dramatic or comic profession? -- We've mentioned before how procurement has played a peripheral role in some TV shows (and I've seen plenty more examples since I wrote that), but we haven't ever seen it in the starring role. "Exciting" professions tend to dominate the schedules, with shows about the police, doctors, teachers, politicians and spies. But what about a show about a procurement department?

Chewing on dollars and cents.
Food Prices Reach Record High -- World food prices rose 2.2% in February from the previous month to a record peak, the United Nations' food body said Thursday, as it warned that volatility in oil markets could push prices even higher. The Food and Agriculture Organization price index rose by 2.2%--the eighth consecutive rise since June--to an average of 236 points last month, the highest record in real and nominal terms since the agency started monitoring prices in 1990.

Finance and education.
Public Universities Seek More Autonomy as Financing From States Shrinks -- With states providing a dwindling share of money for higher education, many states and public universities are rethinking their ties. The public universities say that with less money from state coffers, they cannot afford the complicated web of state regulations governing areas like procurement and building, and that they need more flexibility to compete with private institutions.

I'm actually pretty impressed by how BP has managed after the spill.
BP Spill Chiefs Miss Out on Bonuses -- BP said Thursday it won't pay bonuses for 2010 to any of its directors who had responsibility for operations in the Gulf of Mexico, where there was a major oil spill, but will pay bonuses to two directors who met specific targets within their divisions.

- Sheena Moore

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