Spend Matters Friday Latte

Bandwidth hogs!
Mobile "bandwidth hogs" are just ahead of the curve -- A Cisco white-paper on mobile data usage shows that "high bandwidth" users are just early adopters -- the first people to start using high-bandwidth apps like video. In other words, it's not P2P or tethering that mobile operators have to worry about, it's using mobile data in exactly the way it's advertised.

Company culture begins at the top.
Cultural Change is a Team Effort
-- As I said in an earlier post, without top leadership involvement, a cultural change won't become a true priority for the overall company. But it takes an inspired effort from the entire organization to nudge the company towards improved performance and to eventually create the new culture. It is crucial not to overlook the value of the overall team. That's where the change really happens.

Git yer truck, yer dawg, yer geetar...and your spend management woes.
Country Singer's Lament On Gas Prices: Kiss Your Cash Goodbye -- Like the rest of us, Craig is angry about the daily hike in fuel prices (regular gas was $3.43 on Thursday, up 20 cents from last week, and 70 cents higher than last year, according to AAA.). "You can kiss you cash goodbye/Mucho dinero has learned to fly/The Jacksons and Hamiltons are going bye-bye/So you can kiss your cash goodbye."

- Sheena Moore

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