Procurement News from Spend Matters UK: Round-Up

Let's begin with this, from the post Buyer/seller negotiations -- don't try this at home! because it's hilarious (especially the highlights lady):

Social media expert extraordinaire continues the trending topic (and gets in a fight with Procurement Leaders!): Social media and procurement; If you build it, they won't necessarily come -- I've been meaning for a while to write something on a subject dear to all procurement managers' hearts: how to use the wonders of social media to exchange gossip -- sorry, valuable market and supplier intelligence -- with peers and colleagues in reasonable privacy and security.

And finally, some interesting bits and pieces:

A bad Apple and Renault ask Inspector Clouseau for help
UK Government's 'centralising procurement' initiative; is it 6 months behind schedule?
eWorld 2011 – making friends with Ariba (and other procurement providers)

- Sheena Moore

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