Spend Matters Friday Latte

Scary day in general today.
China cyber-warfare capability a 'formidable concern' -- China's growing capabilities in cyber-warfare and intelligence gathering have been described as a "formidable concern" to the United States.

This seems like a high number...
India takes action against drunk pilots -- Authorities in India say they have taken action against 57 pilots who reported for duty drunk over the past two years. Civil Aviation Minister Vayalar Ravi said in parliament that the services of 10 of the pilots were terminated.

Amazon says peace out to Illinois.
Amazon Takes Action in Illinois as War on Sales Taxes Continues -- The online retailer on Thursday took action in Illinois, as it had threatened to do, to counter a new law aimed at forcing online retailers to collect sales taxes in the state. Hawaii, North Carolina and Rhode Island have enacted similar laws, and California is weighing action. Amazon is also in a court battle with New York over such legislation.

Boeing goes local?
Boeing considers jet 'supersite' -- Crucially, the new plane's supply chain will be radically different from the Dreamliner's -- most likely a cluster of major supplier plants near Boeing's final-assembly site.

- Sheena Moore

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