Spend Matters Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Continuing Coverage (Part 3)

Supplies Run Short for Quake Survivors -- Rescue workers scrambled to get food and water to Japan's ravaged northern communities Monday as the impact of Friday's quake continued to ripple throughout the nation, shaking its financial markets and bringing big chunks of its economy to a halt.

Economic impact.
Parsing The Economic Impact Of The Japanese Disaster -- After getting walloped by the largest earthquake ever recorded in the country and a massive tsunami, and with a sizable proportion of its power generating capacity knocked offline, Japan is facing tremendous challenges.

Rolling Blackouts, Tsunami Damage Try Japanese Companies -- One of the biggest problems companies now face is power shortages caused by damage from the tsunami. People and companies are being told to expect rolling blackouts as officials work to get power plants back online. Water is another concern. Fears of shortages prompted the government to ask people to conserve water as well as electricity.

Across all boards.
Global supply chain rattled by Japan quake, tsunami -- Global companies from semiconductor makers to shipbuilders faced disruptions to operations after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan destroyed vital infrastructure and knocked out factories producing everything from high-tech components to steel.

- Sheena Moore

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